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For over two decades, Timolino, a leading contemporary lifestyle drinkware brand, is committed to developing products that help people live a life that is comfortable no matter where they are.  At Timolino, we believe that comfort is essential whether abroad or at home.  Combining form and function, Timolino's sustainable and stylish designs are inspired by your lifestyle.  Whether it's a morning commute, lunchtime yoga or afternoon tea party, Timolino has products to keep your favorite beverage hot, cold and fresh longer.

Enjoy a mobile lifestyle with Timolino!

Our Story


Timolino products are carefully manufactured and leave the premise only after passing our strict quality control.  We use the best material, primarily18/8 stainless steel, Tritan by Eastman USA, heat-resistant borosilicate glass and LDPE because they are food-grade, neutral to taste and smell, durable and contemporary.

Timolino gives careful attention to every detail.  Every one of our products has been streamlined to suit special task and carries out its function superbly.  A combination of maximum performance with timeless design.

At Timolino, we create value-oriented products that are unique in features and timeless in design.  Timolino currently holds more than 30 design and utility patents worldwide and has many more that are patent-pending.  Timolino products have also been distinguished with numerous Best New Product awards.

At the beginning of every thought and design, there is the customer.  That's why Timolino is able to bring innovative products onto the market every year and to provide a solution for today's lifestyle with fresh ideas, improved function and stylish design.