Introducing the new Omni Cruiseline!

The new Omni Collection was designed to do it all. From hot to cold, coffee to tea, flat water to sparkling soda – we have the bottle to fit your hydration needs!
The Omni Cruiseline comes with an infuser basket, perfect for steeping tea on the go or making infused water! To use with tea, simply drop tea leaves in the basket, pour hot water, and let your tea steep. When it’s ready, remove the basket and throw out tea leaves. For longer steeping, just drop the leaves in the mug and fill with water. The removable filter will keep the leaves out of your mouth!


The dual-function lid is perfect for drinking hot or cold drinks. To use it as a sipping lid, turn the lid once counter-clockwise to reveal the sipping hole.

Turn the lid counter-clockwise once more to reveal the straw opening, perfect for cold drinks!

If you turn the lid one last time, the entire lid comes apart for easy cleaning!


The best thing about the Cruiseline and the new Omni Collection is that all our bottles are leak-proof and safe to use with carbonated drinks!

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